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Dreamhunt Studio
Based in Bern, Switzerland

Founding Date

July 24th, 2020


None yet.

Upcoming Releases

Untitled Game (name coming soon)


True to the words "play games, make games", we create experiences that are both fun to play and fun to make. As we are gamers ourselves, we want you to love our games as much as we love making them. We believe by bringing innovation into the industry and our games, we can create something special that can be enjoyed by young and old.


Early steps

Gaming has been in our DNA since we can remember. It all started with LAN parties, local and online tournament competitions and many co-op and multiplayer games. After developing an interest in creating mods and maps for existing games, the desire to come up with something of our own grew stronger. We started creating prototypes and acquired experience in student projects and game jams participations. After that, we decided to pursue a career in game development.

Following the vision

With our studio founding in mid 2020 we are committed to not only bringing something new to the Swiss gaming industry but also to the gamers. We will begin to look for a publishing partnership for our current project in the near future.


coming soon...


If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Logo & Icon

Dreamhunt Logo Dark
Dreamhunt Logo Light
Dreamhunt Icon Dark Dreamhunt Icon Light

Awards & Recognition

None yet.

Selected Articles

None yet.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Dominik Gygax

Producer, Game Designer, Audio Designer

Michael Schlapbach

3D Artist

Mirjam Doyon

Concept Artist

Matthias Thomann

Game Designer, Lead Programmer

Dominic Lutz

3D Artist, Animator

Yohan Jager

Audio Composer/Designer